Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Still Summer + Miyazaki Hayao

Summer is not nearly over, and mid-August is definitely the peak of how messy things get: relentless heat, humidity, sweat, crowded post-obon trains, cicadas falling off the trees, sticky everything. Despite how poetic Japanese summer is, with fireworks and festivals and watermelon, it's not comfortable at all.  I also wish I could hear more cicadas, I was disappointed by the lack of cicadas around my immediate area. I know many people think they are too noisy, but I really love their sounds, and I wish my neighbourhood had more cicadas (alive rather than lying on the ground).

I had such a fun weekend, doing everything I love like eating sushi, green tea soba, meeting friends for lunch, playing with the yellow toy camera, and (unsuccessfully) trying to sleep in. I also saw Miyazaki Hayao's latest movie called Kaze Tachinu ('The Wind Rises'), in Japanese without subtitles as it wasn't available. Surprisingly I understood most of it, and I really loved it. I know most critics weren't that great about this movie, but I personally loved the story, it was very beautiful and sad.

In other new I haven't had the chance to go to the gym as often as before, but the few times I went I had long, effective (I hope) workouts. This week I feel like just being outside and sweating is a workout in itself.

Here are some random things I saw and did over the weekend, in no particular order. 

Mojito-flavoured chocolate... Mojitos are all the rage in Japan now
Is that even appropriate for kids?!

I played my favourite game center game, taiko no tatsujin

Heart-printed clothes make everything better

Eating green tea soba (and sweating)

My breakfast:
cucumber, yoghurt, bread, cheese and mango juice


artslondonblog said...

I want to try the mojito chocs! I don't miss the Japan summer at all, but I do miss how beautiful the autumn and spring were.

Nina said...

I agree, although there are so many lovely things to do during the summer the heat makes it not as enjoyable :[