Friday, August 9, 2013

Machiyado Matsumura Ryokan

This is best far the best place I've ever stayed in. This ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel, with tatami rooms and futons) is housed in a building that's older than my own country, and it's been classified as heritage. The ryokan is run by the Matsumura family, and the name Machiyado is borrowed to describe that type of traditional wooden buildings that used to be shops in the Meiji and Edo eras.

There's only two rooms, and they both overlook a gorgeous Japanese garden. The rooms are spacious, and the bathroom is completely new and renovated and stocked with essentials from MUJI. I think the whole place is kitted out in MUJI, from the towels to the bed sheets. It's clean and the futons were plush, and I wish we could have stayed there longer.

It's located in Fushimi, so a little train ride from Kyoto. The ryokan houses its own bar, which is run by the Matsumura son. He has a nice selection of local nihonshu (Japanese sake), shochu and beers, and the bar is wooden and he plays jazz music and tells you the history of the building. In the morning, the mother serves a traditional Japanese breakfast- she says that most foreigners enjoy it the first day, then have trouble eating fish first thing in the morning. As for myself, I could eat this every single morning!

I loved waking up to the view of the Japanese garden. I highly recommend staying there, but if you don't speak Japanese you'll need help to book it. It's so lovely, charming and affordable, and it's the best sleep I had overall.

More information on the Machiyado Matsumura website if you wish to go!

Sleepy head

Futon. The summer bed sheet is like a towel.


Breakfast: salmon, tofu, rice, egg, aubergine

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