Friday, August 9, 2013

Kyoto: Food

Okay, this is a bit strange, but I'll just post photos of meals I've eaten in Kyoto. Keep in mind I was there for like ten days in case it seems like a lot. Kyoto has some of the best cafes and restaurants, such as the soba shop Honke Owariya, which is the oldest noodle shop in Kyoto. The Imperial family visits the shop when they go to Kyoto, so make sure you try it if you visit. We loved it so much that we went twice, I wanted my last meal in Kyoto to be epic so it made sense to go there.

Here's some of the food!

Shinkansen bento

Shumai (dumplings) from Osaka shop 551 Horai
Takoyaki in Osaka, what else!

Shinshindo breakfast- Tokyo needs it!

Tonkatsu set lunch

Sashimi on rice = donburi

Green tea ice cream, of course

Japanese sweets at a soba shops in Kurama


Best soba in Japan at Honke Owariya

Manju from Honke Owariya, thank you Sean!!

Cappuccino at Hello

Japanese breakfast at the historic ryokan

Amazake (sweet rice liquor, contains very little alcohol)

More ice cream

Matcha at the tea ceremony we attended

Scones and fresh cream at Second House

Vegetarian lunch set at Mumokuteki


Christine said...

YUmmy! Yummy! I especially want the green tea ice cream ;)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a post comprised entirely of photos of Japanese food (says another guilty blogger!!) :-)