Friday, August 30, 2013

August End

It's the end of the week, and the end of August. I'm exhausted, I think I can probably count on both hands the total number of hours I slept those past few days- not sure exactly why, I'm not particularly stressed, must be the weather, or too much coffee. Although I rarely eat pastries in the morning anymore, I am loving the vegan muffins from Pure Cafe in Aoyama. I like how this place opens fairly early, unlike most so-called breakfast joints in Tokyo. The muffins are really tasty, not too sweet and so fresh. They seem expensive, but paired with the organic coffee in a set, it's about the same as Starbucks and so much better. I am limiting myself to one muffin morning per week. I want an oven!

I've been keeping up with the gym even though I haven't had much time, but despite the constant deadlines and long hours, the gym is something I really enjoy and need in order to keep my head clear. Nothing unusual happened at the gym, I feel familiar with it and the staff knows me. I rarely see the same people there- it seems like every night is a different crowd. Daytime was definitely more interesting on the fashion front- although I did see a glittery cropped top paired with sequined footwear. My favourite part of the gym after a run is the sauna, and perhaps a huge motivation into actually making it to the gym.

Tonight I went to the local onsen, which was the perfect way to end the week. Even though the weather is still really muggy and warm, it's nice to soak in hot water and relax.

I also received photos of my family cats in Canada, whom I haven't met yet. It makes me sad but I'm getting excited as I'll get to visit soon. My boyfriend saw the photo and he thinks the cat has very good manners and is sitting the Japanese way- which made me smile.

Blueberry muffin, Pure Cafe


My favourite end-of-summer band, I will let you guess before you click on the link. Some of you will know right away.

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Khaleesi said...

You know I first started following you blog before I moved to Japan. I'm not so sure if you know why though. The reason I started following you was because you baked in Japan and I wanted to know (if I ever moved here) if I could bake here too. (I love baking.) So it's extra heartbreaking you don't have an oven! Get one!