Friday, July 26, 2013

Tokyo Vice

Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein

I just finished reading Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein, and I cannot believe how long I waited before reading it. It's the (true) story of a young American journalist, the first non-Japanese to work for the Yomiuri newspaper in Japan. His work got him tangled up in some yakuza (Japanese mafia) stories, to the point where his life, job and family were threatened. The book offers a fascinating insight into Japanese culture, the aspects outsiders don't normally come across, and all the vices of the underground world. It was hilarious at times but unbelievably sad in so many instances.

I couldn't tear myself away from the book even though I had a deadline looming, but to the advice of Mr Adelstein, "the book will always be there [so you better write]". I really admire Jake Adelstein's career as a journalist, and he's a bit of a role model even though he writes about yakuza and human trafficking and I write about summer trends and the best cakes in Tokyo. I highly recommend reading Tokyo Vice if you haven't already, I loved it so much. It's actually being turned into a movie with Daniel Radcliffe playing a young Jake Adelstein, should be interesting.

I've been sticking to bit of a routine this summer, going to the gym almost every day, then sitting in the sauna for as long as I can (five minutes). Not sure that amount of time qualifies to burn calories or flush out toxins, but it sure helps me sleep at night. The exercise sessions give me a lot of energy and I've gotten better at organizing my daily schedule between all my assignments. I'm surprisingly not bored this summer, enjoying all the work and being able to take care of things like updating my address and phone numbers and going to City Hall to sort out things like health insurance and city tax (Japan gets extremely expensive after the first year living here, and a City Hall visit rarely comes without a hint of stress).

I'm going on a small holiday soon, I'm excited to share about it, as it's a place that makes me so, so happy. Can you guess where? (It's not Canada yet).

While flipping through a book about Canada in a waiting room,
this is the first image I came across. So cute!

Starbucks breakfasts for lazy Friday mornings


Christine said...

The book sounds interesting! I will read it as well :)

Betina said...

Tokyo Vice is definently going on my to-read list!
Btw, don't know if you already know this band, but otherwise check out Postiljonen. It's Swedish, dreamy, and sounds like late summer nights. I thought you might like it :-)