Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tokyo: Summer Top 5 Trends

What I thought Tokyo fashion would be like- not quite.
Photo: Maaserhit Honda

I have torn ideas about Japanese fashion- or rather, what I see in Tokyo in particular. On one hand, there's a string of well-dressed Tokyoites, whether they're extremely unique (think avant-garde, and what I imagined Harajuku would be like) or just impeccably stylish with gorgeous items put together. On the other hand, there's the rest of Tokyo fashion, which is rather bland and conservative. Frilly tops, lace-trimmed shorts and socks, nude hosiery, chiffon and ribbon everything, scrunchies, mismatched patterns and textures. Yawn. University students are especially notorious for all dressing alike, seems like everyone just picked up their clothes from the clone shops lining the underground of Shinjuku and Shibuya stations. While I understand Japanese work environments and institutions are extremely conservative and most people have to adhere to these rules, this is still no excuse to wear the same thing everyone else is wearing.

On that note, I wrote a compilation of the Top 5 Trends in Tokyo this summer, for J-Fashion. What's found around Harajuku is a lot more interesting than what goes on in the rest of the city, and those trends are probably somewhat similar to what else is in style in the rest of the world. Once in a while I see some amazing pieces or looks that I'd love to be able to pull off, and I wish I saw more of those. Thank goodness for vintage shops in the Harajuku vicinity (and Koenji, Kichijoji), those are real treasure chests.

Let me know your thoughts- Japanese fashion, Tokyo summer trends, any similarities or differences to where you are?

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Isabel said...

Loved your article! I really love the sound of the coloured eyelashes! xo

dkim said...

Oh dear, it looks like 90's trends are coming back. Just when I thought it was safe to take out my belly ring =\