Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Holiday


Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a little summer getaway! And... the destination is Kyoto, my favourite city in Japan, or perhaps even in the world. I have such wonderful memories of Kyoto, such as going there with my mom, going there with some dear friends, and also going there solo so many times. Kyoto is such a magical place, and so special to me for various reasons. I haven't been in over two years, so it will be amazing to set foot there again- this time things are so different.

The plan is to stay away from the main touristy sights, which I've seen a few times already, and perhaps check out some lesser-known spots. Kyoto is the kind of city you can never be done discovering. Kyoto get insanely hot during summer (more than most places in Japan), so a lot of cold treats and relaxing will be involved, and obviously, green tea everything.



Khaleesi said...

I too love Kyoto! Have a great trip!

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