Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Fun + Tokyo Tower

While everyone else was camping under the rain at Fuji Rock (okay, I would have gone just to catch The Cure), I stayed dry in Tokyo and enjoyed a weekend in the city with out-of-town guests. My idea of a successful evening involves a huge pile of books and magazines in a cafe - especially when shared with like-minded friends who share their excitement over the latest issue of Kinfolk or Monocle.

Aside from all the coffee and magazines, we took a late-night drive to Tokyo Tower, where we got up close and personal with the structure. We actually stood right under, and despite the fact that the lights were off, it looked so majestic standing like that in the cloudy sky, so tall and beautiful. I love Tokyo Tower!

I feel so lucky I have such amazing friends all over Japan (and the world), and it's always nice to realize that time and distance don't affect true friendships- you can pick up from where you left even if you haven't seen them for months or years (although I wish I would not let years go by between visits).

I've been feeling so happy lately, despite all the stress I've been under. I don't know if it's because I've been exercising so often and keeping a routine at the gym, and being so healthy in general (balanced meals, no drinking). Could it be that simple? Also, I don't feel as lonely as I used to, which is a major change. I think I learnt how to spend time on my own without driving myself nuts, and even though it took me years to be able to get there, it's quite the achievement for my little world. Japan was such a test for me, and to be fair, it still is on a regular basis, but that's part of the excitement.

That's what bloggers do.

Gorgeous Tokyo Tower in the dark

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Rachel Anastasia said...

Ah! So jealous. Wish I could be there to hang with you and Julie!