Sunday, July 21, 2013

July, Crickets

July is already coming to an end- time flies by. It's been a strange start to the summer (neither good nor bad, just strange), and it set the mood for rest of it I think. I'm in-between some steps in life, floating around and doing a lot of thinking (and working hard!) to see what's best for me. I learned that you can't really plan or decide things, they just kind of happen naturally as a result to whatever work you've been putting in, and maybe that's why I'm so relaxed about the near future. I feel like exciting things are about to happen, but I'm not sure what.

Last night I met up with one of my oldest friends in Japan, who was part of the same training group when we arrived in Japan nearly four years ago. I'm so happy she is still in Japan, as everyone else from that original tight-knit group left a while ago. We reminisced about being fresh off the plane, and those first few weeks living in Nagoya- it seems like ages ago, it's unbelievable how much has changed. Seeing her and thinking about that time made me very nostalgic, and quite sad in some ways, I'm not sure why. It also made me look back and think about how far I've come, even though I fail to realize that on a daily basis. I tend to see Tokyo as this place I'm struggling so hard to keep up with, and not advancing much, but I did a lot in those few years, settled in quite well, and found my place here.

Besides regular sessions at the gym, I haven't been able to tear myself away from Jake Adelstein's Tokyo Vice, which I highly recommend reading- more on that later, I need to finish it first, but then again I don't want to finish it because it's so good. I also had a nice cookout and movie session with my neighbour and fellow Shikoku transplant, which is a rare treat in Tokyo where people don't really go to each other's houses. Other nice things have included hopping around the neighbourhood with my favourite boy, catching crickets, eating cupcakes and making imaginary life plans.

Caught in a torrential rain fall, hard to see.

Yet more wonderful coffee in Sendagaya

Cricket close-up, camouflage style.

Faux grass, Cabernet and a movie.


philly said...

Very funny: faux grass /foie gras.

Vivian said...

Philly- sadly, no foie gras on the menu!

Anonymous said...

>Cricket close-up, camouflage style

Actually not a cricket. That picture is of a female カブトムシ (Rhinoceros Beetle).

(Please check my blog: )