Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Heat, Cold Brews, Urth Caffe

Rainy season came to a sudden halt, and the grey days have been replaced by a relentless heat and unbearable humidity that won't let go until early October. Welcome to Japanese summer! I wasn't prepared this time around, never am really. Each time it hits me, and I can't believe I've been putting up with this weather for the past three summers- I get used to it.

In order to avoid heat stroke, it's recommended to keep hydrated, and I've been clutching to various drinks throughout the day. My beverage of choice is cold green tea, but I also like roasted barley tea (mugicha) as it contains no caffeine and tastes earthy. Iced coffee with no milk or sugar is a close second, and I refuse to pay ¥340 for a small portion of black sludge at Starbucks so I've been buying cartons at Kaldi Coffee Farm and pouring my own.

In other news, the LA staple Urth Caffe opened a branch in Daikanyama, and obviously I had to try it after seeing it appear on all my favourite fashion and lifestyle blogs- Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast is a big fan, she's actually in Tokyo at the moment and I know she's been spending some time there! It's officially my new favourite cafe, as it serves those huge, hearty salads and sandwiches I've been missing so much- heaps of fresh veggies and thick country bread, a far cry from pale Japanese salads and mayo-heavy sandwiches. The juices are out of control, vitamin-packed and organic and well, come with the price tag but it's worth it for my deprived body.

While Japan may be weak in the salads and sandwiches department, they do fish like no one else and one of my favourite summer meals consists of plates of piled up fresh sashimi cuts washed down with cold beer. Tuna, salmon and red sea bream are the most delicious, served on shiso leaves and accompanied with side dishes of cold tofu covered in soy sauce and ginger. So refreshing!

In other news, Pepsi released new Pepsi-flavoured chips, and I'm wearing jelly shoes from JuJu (sold at American Apparel now) for the whole summer. I also still go to the gym, nothing too unusual yet except for some eighties-style leotards sported by daytime ladies. Nighttime gym fashion is more normal, regular tee-shirts and shorts.

JuJu shoes from American Apparel

Pepsi-flavoured chips- they taste like Pepsi, yes.

Mixed juice at Urth Caffe

Grilled veggies sandwich and salad 

Bird Latte art at Urth

Cold Sapporo in Ebisu

I love sashimi!


Ashley said...

I've been a fan of your blog for a long time.. wanted to finally leave a comment! Rainy season is still here in Seoul><

Vivian said...

Ashely- thank you!! just checked out your blog, so nice, wish I had seen it before!! good luck for rainy season, i guarantee you Seoul will get just as hot in a few days or weeks :)

Khaleesi said...

I'll be trying out Urth thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's hot as balls in Toyama prefecture too. I am a sweaty mess when I get to work, and when I come home, I just lie under my AC.

I will have to start going out for sashimi (which I love too!) and beer. I am only in Japan for one more month. SADNESS, despite the heat.

Vivian said...

DailyNibbles- oh, you're leaving so soon? Sad! I hope you continue your blog!! xx

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