Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hi, July

July definitely means summer in my books, and it's been an odd start to the summer. Perhaps because I'm not really on vacation, yet I'm always kind of on vacation because of my schedule, so it doesn't feel so special. While everyone is raving about summer plans and such, I feel a little confused about what defines my own summer.

I did make it to the gym, and loved it!! I was so scared and nervous and it was like being at kindergarten for the first day again, but I did well and did not commit any faux-pas. Turns out the gym is gorgeous, the facilities and equipment are all new and modern, a far cry from the gyms I've been to before. And despite how monitored the registration process is, the gym itself is the same as anywhere else in the world, no major differences. I especially liked that each machine had a small hand towel attached to it to wipe it off, thought it was a cute Japanese touch. They also require a medical exam, which seems to be a great idea. I'm so happy about being back at the gym again, I feel so much healthier already.

Another exciting thing happened: I was invited to a prestigious high school to talk about my blog. A group of female high school students in an advanced English class had been reading my blog as part of a project, and for their last lesson they could meet me and ask me questions. I was insanely nervous to meet them, as I never talked about my blog publicly, and I was afraid they would think I'm a complete geek (maybe they did). They were such smart, lovely girls, and it was my first time discussing with high school girls in Japan, so I feel like I learned so much about them, their interests and their dreams. It was a special experience and I'm so thankful I was invited to their school and had such a warm welcome.

In others news, I visited the Canadian Embassy for passport and visa related issues. For any Canadian trying to renew their passport, please be aware that they've changed the process- it's simplified (thank goodness), but the new passport is electronic and costs a lot of money. Also, all visa stuff has been transferred to the Philippines so it takes extra time. Despite the bureaucracy, I love the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo! It's odd how a simple building can make me feel so at home, with signs in both French and English. It made me really look forward to my trip back home!

Krispy Kreme at Shinjuku station with my French Canadian friend

I sneaked a picture of the gym- see? It looks normal.

Stripes, gold, Pino. THIS is summer.

Look what I found!

Oh, Canada.

I rewarded myself with mango lassi after the Embassy and 200$ later

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Khaleesi said...

What a great opportunity! I'm so glad the locals are interested in your blog.

Also, I love Mango Lassi or any Lassi really.