Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Fun Day

Tuesday is often the worst day of the week- wedged at the start of the week, it's not anywhere near the weekend and it's usually my busiest day, packed with assignments and half-heartedly getting back into the week's rhythm. I don't like Tuesdays, but sometimes a little impromptu break on a sunny afternoon (where did rainy season go?) puts a bit of excitement in an otherwise monotonous day.

Luckily Omotesando is right around the corner, so I stopped by the delightful Omotesando Koffee for an iced treat (I tried their signature drink, which is essentially espresso shots with a bit of water- heavenly when it's too hot for heavy milk), then by Nua for a manicure. I picked a creamy purple called "Grape Fit" by OPI, which will transition well into the summer.

After that a few looming deadlines didn't seem so bad, especially while hyped up on caffeine. In other news, I'm still eating okra. It's getting too hot for big meals, so I've been craving fresh stuff- summer in Japan is the best diet.

Grape Fit nails

Iced coffee from Omotesando Koffee and pre-mani chipped nails

Tonight's fare: carrots, okra, cheese, avocado 

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