Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Soba + Summer Futon

Sundays are my favourite day, as I can indulge in whatever I please (Sunday is also guilt-free day), and I don't have manic Monday mornings looming anymore- but rest easy, I have tons of other things looming, just a little later. This weekend was blessed with extremely warm and gorgeous weather, considering we're in rainy season, and even though I spent all of Sunday morning lazily watching  Wong Kar Wai's "Fallen Angels" (pretty much a sequel to "Chunking Express") in bed with a bowl of oatmeal, I eventually got out of my house.

After I rode my bike in the sun and guzzled a few bottles of cold tea, I went out for dinner to a traditional little soba shop near Chitose Karasuyama station. I had teishoku, which is a complete meal set. I ate cold soba (buckwheat noodles with a dipping sauce, flavoured with green onion and wasabi), katsudon (bowl of rice topped with a pork cutlet and egg), along with a side salad, pickled vegetables, and green tea. I love cold soba, it's the perfect summer food, and the katsudon was really filling. At the end of the meal you can mix the rest of the dipping sauce mixed with some soba hot water, as tea. It's gorgeous! I saved space for some soba ice cream- even though it sounds odd, the taste was so delicate, and just a bit sweet.

Afterwards, I headed to a home shop to buy a futon and some summer bedding. My last futon went through some rough times- after leaving it out in the rain last summer, it moved around a lot, and the rain smell somehow never left, so I had to chuck it out. I'll take better care of my new futon, which means not leaving it out in the rain, and making sure I put it outside in the sun every few days. Did you know there's even a machine you can buy that sucks the moisture out of your futon? I've been learning a lot about futons lately, and believe me, they require special care.

I bought some towel-like summer sheets and blankets, which are essential in the summer heat that's about to start (or already somehow started). I had a browse at Don Quixote (or Donkey Hote if you prefer) and spotted some pretty awful things, amongst some stuff I just had to have. I love that place, and the whole trashiness attached to it. It was an eventful day, and weekend- so unexpected yet so fun. And mall things like a new futon make me really excited- wouldn't you be? Now I can't wait to go to bed.

Soba, Japan, meal, noodles, tea
Soba meal set

Soba Ice Cream, Japan, Tokyo, Strange
Soba ice cream

Futon, summer, summer futon, Japan, blanket
Summer bedding: blanket, sheet, pillow.

Futon, Sonic Youth
Unmade Bed (like the Sonic Youth song)

Crocs, Ugly, Japan, Don Quixote, Dokey, Furry
The atrocities: slippers version of Crocs. How wrong is this?
FURRY CROCS? When is the madness ending?


Christine said...

That soba meal set looks so yummy!

I hate crocs too! No idea why people wear crocs.

Unknown said...

I love reading your captions that say the same thing I was thinking at the same time. Unmade bed made me think of the same song. Ha.

That soba ice cream looks amaaazing!

Vivian said...

Of course it did- I knew you'd get it! Miss you!!! Can't wait until July xx

Vivian said...

It was amazing!! And Crocs- do they still wear them in Canada? They're huge in Japan :(

Anonymous said...

Slipper Crocs are too awful for words. I am curious what you think of "mens leggings" pants, now sold at Uniqulo. Does this ever look good on men?

Vivian said...

I like men's leggings if shorts are worn over! Yes! And totally get a murse- they're stylish! Lets go shopping!!!

Ursula Leonowicz said...

commenting on two posts here... lol... i definitely consider myself an enthusiast and the latest thing fascinating me is joan rivers... go figure!

that soba ice cream looks really interesting... i'd love to try it. when i lived in japan (many moons ago) i really enjoyed eating sweet potato ice cream... yum!

Ursula Leonowicz said...
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