Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Running + Summer Plans

My summer plans include a much-needed trip back home to Canada and I'm researching tickets now- any tips for cheap flights between Japan and Canada? Any websites, or travel agencies you like in Tokyo? Any help is appreciated!

Besides a trip to Canada, depending on how much free time I have, I'd like to attend a few summer festivals (Summer Sonic is at the top of my list, mostly because of the eclectic lineup), go away to the mountains for a few days, and read more books. I think it's a shame I don't read half as much as I used to, but there's no excuses when Amazon Japan delivers for free and L'Institut Français has a well-stocked library a few train stops away.

I'm also running consistently again. The weather is hot and humid and soon I'll be confined to the walls of the gym, but for now late-nights are perfect for a run. My neighbourhood is full of narrow, dwindling streets which offer a balanced amount of hills and not too much traffic. 

I was just thinking about how 2013 is already at the halfway point. So much happened in the first part, it was such an eventful start of the year: I moved houses, changed jobs, and changed my lifestyle completely it seems. I love the outcome and my new home, but it was incredibly stressful and I hope the rest of the year is more relaxed.

In other news, I received the latest nail colour from Chanel, so I painted my nails blue. I am loving this metallic blue-green shade, it's reminiscent of the sea, and I think it will be my summer hue. Thoughts? The name is "Azuré".

Chanel Azuré

Run, run, run

Mac 'n Cheese (or Kraft Dinner as we call it in Canada)
means I miss home

Someone gave me a homemade cupcake! So adorable!

Wednesday night randomness + Cutters Tokyo tee


Christine said...

Yey!!! You're coming back to Canada :)
My friend flew Delta coming from Japan to Toronto. Not sure how the prices are right now though.

Rumi Tominaga said...

Mac n' cheese?! なつかしいーな :)
Is that T from Cutters production in Ebisu? Funny if so as I was just there last week. Good luck finding flight cheapies! I was looking at U.S. prices & they've certainly increased since May :(

Vivian said...

Rumi- Yes, Cutters in Ebisu!! My boyfriend shot an ad campaign for them, so we got the tee-shirts, haha.