Monday, June 17, 2013

Rainy Season Fun

Even though it's been rainy, hot and muggy, and I've been concerned about passport and visa issues (the tedious part of living abroad), I've been having so much fun those past few days. I saw The Great Gatsby at the movie theatre, which is a rare treat I allow myself in Japan, since the cinema is so expensive. I liked the movie for the aesthetic parts, but nothing beats the book. I made a nice breakfast of pancakes with mango, blueberries and watermelon. I took the train outside of Tokyo. I met Shikoku friends at a New Zealand restaurant, where we devoured cheese plates, steaks and red wine, and finished the evening with ice cream and beer at the park, before having to run for shelter after a rainfall. I had lunch in Aoyama with a lovely lady, and a soba set complete with fresh tuna sashimi on rice.

I finally upgraded my slow, old iPhone to a brand new iPhone 5- a challenging, frustrating and somehow humiliating task for non-Japanese, between having to produce five different kinds of ID and having the uncomfortable SoftBank staff obviously baffled at having to deal with a foreigner. Thankfully not all the staff is unprofessional, and with some help I emerged with a brand new toy. I love how I can use the phone as a wifi device, as free wifi is virtually nonexistent in Tokyo, so I'm not limited to Starbucks anymore.

I also went shopping for house stuff, and cockroach-proofed my house. I purchased those small roach traps, apparently they're the most effective. The traps have a bait that lures the roaches in, and they get trapped in a sticky substance. It's better than the cockroach spray, which contains many strong chemicals. I hate the whole topic of cockroaches, but it's a part of Japanese summer, so it's highly recommended to use those traps and to keep the house spotlessly clean, especially the kitchen.

In other news, I've been keeping my hair healthy with shampoo and conditioner from Kiehl's, I received samples and I'm hooked! My hair is so soft and moisturized, and luxurious treatments really do make a difference. I've been meaning to try this no-shampoo regimen to get my hair back in shape, but I'll wait a bit longer...

I already outfitted my phone with the cutest, girlies case I could find at ドンキ

My most recently used emoticons... recurring ones, so random.

Salmon sashimi, shiso leaves and daikon on a bed of rice



Isabel said...

loved this post!

Christine said...

How do you like th iphone 5? I'm scared to upgrade mine. Right now, I have the 4. the new size bugs me.

P.S. love you phone cover!

Vivian said...

I love it! The size is great, easier to hold!

Vivian said...

Thanks xo

Khaleesi said...

That's funny. I just had to deal with visa stuff and I also just saw Gatsby.

Vivian said...

Funny!! Your visa is alright?

Khaleesi said...