Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lost in Translation: The Last Scene

Lost in Translation, last scene, movie, Sofia Coppola, Tokyo, Shinjuku
What do you think he whispers in that last scene?
This is where the final scene of Lost in Translation was shot. I had never known or looked for it, but tonight a behind-the-scenes insider told me about this spot, and of course I had to pose there. He suggested I hug and kiss a random, older stranger to make it more authentic, but I politely dismissed the idea.

The location is in Nishi-Shinjuku, a short walk from the Park Hyatt Hotel, where most scenes were shot. It's near one of the many branches of Yodobashi Camera, and it's rather easy to find if you know this particular area.

I'm not lost in translation anymore, and I really cannot relate to what the characters feel anymore as I live and breathe life here, but this movie remains part of my first exposure to Japan, and how much it made me fall in love with a place I had never seen before. 

Little did I know what would come next. 

{Theories of the last whisper.... I'd rather not know, to be honest}


Christine said...

That's awesome! Love this ending so much that I can't be bothered either to know what he whispered to her.

Isabel said...

Great picture and post! I agree with Christine - knowing what he whispered to her would spoil it so much for me!

Achim said...

Thanks a lot for revealing this special location. I'm planning a trip to Tokyo this summer, and it would be incomplete without a visit of this place.