Friday, June 21, 2013

Heavy Rain and Food

It's been raining nonstop for what seems like forever. Probably about 24 hours or so, but it feels like it's never going to end. I like it, but I'm confined to my house and I'm starting to get cabin fever- two trips to the grocery store in my pajamas and rain boots don't cut it.

A few days ago I attended one of the best press events I've been to lately, a launch for the Blue Moon craft beer, a Belgian-style beer with orange undertones. It was tasty, and although those press conferences are usually real snoozers, this one was actually interesting, not to mention the tasting menu and huge food spread, complete with rhubarb cherry pie, dark chocolate cakes, raspberries, and other things I rarely get to eat in Japan.

As the event was held in the posh bookstore in Daikanyama (T-Site, to be precise), I drunkenly browsed the books and was surprised to find "Cupcakes and Cashmere" by the lovely Emily. Her blog was actually the first ever blog I started reading, back in Korea when I found myself introduced to the world of blogging, during long hours desk-warming at my school. I was pleasantly surprised to find her book all the way in Japan- kudos, Emily!

In other news, I was introduced to a Japanese movie (based on a television series) called "Densha Otoko", in English "Train Man". It's about a mega nerd of Akihabara who falls in love with a girl he met on the train, while saving her from a drunken salaryman. They go on all those awkward dates, and he writes about it on a forum online. I loved the movie so much! I like seeing familiar Tokyo landmarks in movies, I thought the story was adorable. I watched with English subtitles, but I could understand most of the Japanese, so I highly recommend it.

I heart this book! 

Cake and pie.

Pie, pie, pie!

Infinite goodness.

I like this beer, quite light and summery.

My animals were waiting for me when I got home after work.

My hair is staying smooth in this humidity thanks to Kiehl's- no kidding.

This isn't my boyfriend, but the boy from the movie "Densha Otoko"

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