Friday, June 7, 2013

Haircuts + Doughnuts

This week was high on pampering, and I added a much-needed haircut to the list. I love getting my haircut in Japan because I found the best hair stylist, therefore I completely trust him and I pretty much let him do whatever he wants with my hair every time I visit- and always love the results. This time around, he chopped a great portion of my hair, and it's the shortest it has ever been. I know I say that every time, but well, it's the shortest this time, grazing a bit below my chin. It's perfect for the upcoming summer months, current rainy season and high level of humidity as it doesn't require much styling- I absolutely love it! It feels so sleek and soft. I often get emails asking me about my hair stylist, so in case you're in Tokyo (or visiting), his name is Momo at Watanabe Hair in Harajuku. One of my friends from Shikoku actually books him every time she's in Tokyo!

To keep up with my beauty theme, I hit the onsen mid-week for a soak. I don't feel so inclined to visit the onsen in such hot and humid temperatures, but it felt so good, and I'll definitely keep this tradition going for the rest of the summer. I try to go to the onsen every two weeks, but life gets hectic. Yet, nothing equals the benefits of a long soak, definitely helps with stress, and I get the best sleep following an onsen visit.

I also ate more doughnuts than usual this week- one at Mr Donut (since a visit to Mr Donut goes hand-in-hand with the onsen), and a military doughnut at Streamer Coffee. Despite the psychedelic exterior, it tasted amazing- a combination of green tea (matcha) flavour, caramel and chocolate. So, so good! I also strangely found myself in a dodgy part of Tokyo (yes, Ikebukuro*, I'm pointing the finger at you), in the seediest family restaurant. There was no free wifi, so I bought a trashy gossip magazine in Japanese and got two (faux) macchiatos at the drink bar, it was an interesting experience. Family restaurants are a great place to hang out for hours- they're open 24 hours, the food is extremely cheap, and it's a safe environment despite how trashy that branch was.

*No offense if you live in Ikebukuro, there are some nice parts, but bad parts as well.

Short Cut!

Side view, selfie I know

First donut trip: a classic Pon de ring at Mr Donut

Second donut: Military!

Great combination

Aaaaand the lower end of the refinement scale.

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