Monday, June 24, 2013

Green Tea Soba + Roppongi

As I've mentioned before, Roppongi is one of my least favourite places in Tokyo. It's a different world out there, and I never feel quite comfortable amongst all of the activity that goes on there. Yet, Roppongi has two sides: the infamous, seedy part where foreigners and locals rub um, elbows, and the other part, with its sickeningly luxurious shopping malls (Roppongi Hills and Midtown), embassies and streets lined with trees, Harry Winston and Tiffany's. You can guess which part I like best, and well, once in a while I do enjoy a stroll around the posh side of Roppongi and a browse at the big Starbucks bookstore, which feels a lot like home. Yet, watching the sleazy part of Roppongi from a distance is equally fascinating, but I digress.

I found myself in Roppongi to watch a live concert by Canadian artist Maylee Todd, whom I had interviewed for Tokyo Weekender. Turns out she is such a fun, playful performer, and she made an uptight Japanese audience stand up and dance, so kudos to her, she has my respect forever. Her Toronto-based band was equally fun, and it was nice to chat up with them after the show, made me nostalgic for Canada. I hope they loved Tokyo as much as I do.

On Sunday, it was Green Tea Everything: the day started with a park stroll, green tea frappuccino in hand, and end with some green tea soba for dinner. Yes, green tea soba! We found a little, family-run shop in my neighbourhood that's apparently quite famous, and we ate cold green tea soba in a traditional shop overlooking a gorgeous Japanese garden. I've been having some slightly negative feelings about Japan lately, due to some paperwork issues and contracts and all, and the bureaucracy has been mentally exhausting. Sometimes I need small reminders of how much I love being here- and small silly things like green tea stuff and impeccable gardens can instantly restore my mood, or faith.


Green Tea Frappuccino. Isabel, it makes me miss you!

Green tea soba and tempura, still dreaming about this meal


Maylee Todd concert- she's somewhere in the crowd. Go Canada!

Rosewater and mint Julep from Dean & Deluca, so refreshing


Anonymous said...

Love a themed day! The soba looks particularly tasty. You just needed some green tea Melty Kiss chocolates or similar to round it off :) Ganbatte with the Japanese bureaucracy - never a fun experience. Whenever I felt low in Japan I'd try and ward it off with an "I can only do this in Japan so I need to appreciate it NOW" moment, like getting a Royaru Miruku Tii in a hot can from a vending machine, or relaxing in the MUJI cafe at Yurakucho, or indulging my kawaii side and buying stickers or keitai charms at Kiddy Land!

Isabel said...

oooh the green tea things! If I ever come back to Japan to visit you, please can we eat green tea soba!