Saturday, June 8, 2013

Akihabara, Tokyo

Today I went to a place I never go to, Akihabara. This neighbourhood of Tokyo is illustrious for its wide selection of electronics, hobby models, cosplay shops (costumes to dress up as anime characters and such), and maid cafes (a cafe where girls dressed as maids serve you coffee and curry). It's electronics central and nerd central- which I think is a good thing- but it's also quite seedy. Countless adult video shops, sex shops, and the worst of it, idol shops dedicated to the likes of AKB48. Akihabara is an exciting place in all senses of the word, as the place caters to pretty much every niche fetish one may have.

I had fun strolling through Akihabara today, as it's such a lively area, colourful and filled with eye-catching stuff. It was a great cultural experience for me, to see what's offered there, and what kind of people frequent Akihabara. Many tourists, students, people who have serious hobbies, and well, more than a few older creeps. It still makes me sick to my stomach to see men old enough to be my father ogling full-sized posters of scantily clad underage idol group members. I would hate for my own daughter to become one of those girls in an idol group.

Moving on! After getting my fix of dirtiness while hitting some shops and getting an eyeful of stuff I didn't even know existed (panties for ripping, maid costumes for men, keychain sex toys), I somehow felt really hungry, and ate some delicious meat. We headed to Mansei, which is a staple in Tokyo, famous for its meat and "hamburger"- a meat patty without the bun. It's a family restaurant, doesn't quite fit with the rest of the neighborhood, but I highly recommend heading there once you get your fix of sex and anime discount electronics in the adjacent streets.

The day ended with purikura, and it was one of the best sightseeing days I've had in Tokyo. It was so unexpected and I was prepared to hate it, but I found it fascinating.

Can you spot me? Lost in a sea of suits.
Felt very Chungking Express.

Buy your idol from a vending machine

Yeah, lots of idol stuff.

Cheap electronics under the tracks, we love it.

A giant bowl of animated ramen.

Welcome to Akihabara

More idols

Need furry ears?

Meal at Mansei, yum! Hello, baked potato

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