Friday, May 24, 2013

Tokyo Apartment Adventure

My cold must-haves: vanilla-scented Sugarbunnies tissues,
organic blueberry juice, and the #1 wafer in Italy

Things have not been too exciting this week, I was plagued with a horrible cold- since when do I get sick when it's warm and sunny out, when I managed to stay perfectly healthy all winter? I probably caught something while partying last weekend, as my fragile body is not used to smokey rooms and all-night karaoke sessions anymore...

In other news, I'm happy to have finally resolved (read: paid) my apartment debacle, which had been going on for several weeks and was stressing me out so much. Real estate can be a real nightmare in Japan- renting a simple apartment is a complex procedure (especially for a non-Japanese), not to mention costly. Changing guarantors and re-writing a contract will cost you all the move-in fees, all over again. Lesson learned: don't let your company be your guarantor unless you plan to work there for many, many years.

I can now finally relax in a home that's mine, and right now stability is one of the most important things I'm longing for. Stability while living abroad- does it make sense?


philly said...

Of course it makes sense. You want your home (away from what was home before) to be welcoming, serene and free of the chaos that daily life hurls your way.

Of course, some people who need it crazy-all-the-time "stabilize" via randomness and instability. But most of us need some level of security and predictability once we walk through the front door.

Christine said...

I can only imagine the stress of renting an apartment in Japan and the cost. I was watching a documentary and I was astounded by real estate prices. I thought we had it bad here but not so..

Hope you feel better soon and you cold goes away.


away from what was home before to be welcoming, serene and free of the chaos that daily life hurls your way.

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