Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teenage Stuff

It's funny how some things I used to love as a teenager are now what my life (and career) is about. I remember spending countless hours in my room, flipping through the pages of magazines, such as Seventeen and (the now-defunct) YM, and keeping piles and piles of them, collecting pretty much every single issue and closely studying them. That's also how I brushed up on my English, although I now graduated to reading The New Yorker and Monocle, my two favourites.

Funnily I now write for magazines, and I'm happy being obsessed with them somehow paid off. Watching hours of music videos on loop also turned into something tangible, as I'm now (excitedly) a part of the team at MTV Japan, covering all things fashion related. This was an adolescent dream for me, even though we didn't even have MTV in Canada (nudge to Much Music and Musique Plus).

And speaking of teenage dreams, I also got to meet Jad Fair (of the band Half Japanese), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Ken Stringfellow at an art exhibit I wrote about for Tokyo Weekender. I highly recommend checking out Jad Fair's paper-cutting exhibit if you're in Tokyo, at the most charming art gallery I have ever seen. The gallery is called Hiromart, and is located next to the river, on a peaceful street. I felt quite star-struck to be surrounded by all those nineties icons, and feel funny at the idea of Jad Fair flipping through the pages of Tokyo Weekender.

Then again, I must have been a strange teenager, being into all that kind of music most of my peers didn't care for. Some things never change I guess, but I'm glad it translated well into my life path.

Jad Fair "Powerful Love" Exhibit
with myself in the background, how artsy

Every week I buy fresh flowers for my apartment.
This week's theme is "campagnard"

I bought another box of 7 doughnuts just to get this Pon de Lion plate.
I only ate one, gave the 6 others away.

The Great Burger in Harajuku is seriously GREAT!
Why have I waited so long to go? OH MY GOD.


Leah said...
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Leah said...

Congrats on the new job! I can't believe I didn't eat mister doughnut while I was in Japan! I just now realized that.

Christine said...

Congrats that you turned your passion into a career! Wish I can do the same ;)

Rumi Tominaga said...

I stumbled upon your blog and wow- Jad Fair!- crazy nostalgic teenage memories (this from a Japan-born American who has recently made Tokyo her home)...and awesome that I can check out some cool art. Love the posts!

Vivian said...

Leah- Thank you!!!! I miss you!!! I ate your share of Mr Donut lately... haha.

Christine- Thank you!! I'm glad I did but it came at a cost. Still no regrets...!

Rumi- Thanks for the kind comment!! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I feel like we have lots in common!!! Please go see that exhibit :) Maybe I'll run into you in Tokyo sometime!

Nat AndMatt said...

Still jealous. Ha ha ha. I was distracted from my childhood passions because I didn't know how to be an artist or writer. Teachers and parents should really tell kids how to do these things. I wasted a lot of time so I'm going to tell my kids.

Vivian said...

Matt- I agree with that. Thankfully my family was always supportive of my choices and encouraged me to go for what I liked. Yet It did come at a cost- I waited too long maybe.