Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surviving Rainy Season

Frizzy hair, shiny skin, soaked feet and bluesy mood- rainy season is officially back. Perhaps the least glamourous time of the year, it's a month-long string of rainy days that can be depressing and soothing at the same time, depending on how you see it. I don't mind rainy season, as it's an excuse to stay home and read books for hours, and it's a nice little prep time before the heat that will ensue immediately after.

There's nothing official about this guide, but that's how I intend to spend rainy season and some of my must-have items:

-Hunter rain boots. I've had my same aubergine-coloured pair for about five years, I love them and never travel without them. It's a small splurge, but they've become increasingly popular in Japan, unlike a few years ago. If you don't want to spend that amount on rain boots, chain stores like Forever 21, H&M and MUJI all carry cute pairs adorned with fun designs.

-A hooded sweater. Sometimes (most of the time) I forget to carry my umbrella, or simply cannot be bothered, and that's where hooded tops come in handy. My favourite pullover comes from Uniqlo, I've had it since Korea, and it comes in handy every June.

-Hair treatment. My lion's mane gets frizzy with added volume during rainy season, so I picked up the Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil from Kiehl's, which has been doing wonders to taming my hair. Other options include getting a chemical straightener at the hairdresser, which my stylist Momo at Watanabe Hair in Harajuku does offer. I've never tried it, but friends did and it looked amazing. A haircut is also a good idea, as I should book an appointment soon.

-Skin care update. A drastic change in weather conditions require adjusting your skin care regimen, which means a lighter facial moisturizer in my case (I use Kiehl's now), and carrying those oil-blotting sheets in my bag. On the plus side, humidity gives a nice glow.

- An umbrella. Duh. Yet, I never splurge on umbrellas, as I tend to lose them all over the place, but I guess it's umbrella karma. I like the cheap, clear ones from the convenience store, but I also found some cute clear ones with heart motifs for ¥500 at those station shops, like Ranking Queen and It's Demo.

-Books and magazines. I could never survive rainy season without a full stack. I've been reading mostly Japanese magazines lately, and buying English books at some of the few English bookstores in Tokyo. I'm an old-fashioned gal, I don't like reading from an electronic device, I like turning pages and holding books.

-A guide to all the interesting museum exhibits and events around Tokyo, as well as a list of nice cafes to try or try all over again. Shameless plug here.

-Movies. Going to the cinema, or renting them at Tsutaya, or well, good old streaming. I wouldn't have survived Japan without streaming.

Any other tips?


philly said...

Lovely post, Vivian. I do have a tip. Add drink sparkling wines. As the rain comes down the bubbles rain up! It's a delightful feeling of defiance that ends in a nice buzz.

Vivian said...

Oh yes!!! Bubbles!!! Absolutely.