Monday, May 27, 2013

Showa Tokyo + Missing Stuff

The other day I took a stroll on the East side of Tokyo, a place I rarely go to- it's far away, and it's unfamiliar. Yet, the East side is where you can find remains of an old Tokyo, tucked away from the touristy spots of Asakusa. My favourite traditional neighbourhood is Yanaka, which is located at Nippori station, and I've also discovered Asakusa, Kita-Senju, Minowa, Arakawa and the surrounding area. The general area has a Showa vibe, which is the period between 1926-1989. The streets are lined with run-down shops, yet the shotengai (shopping streets) are still bustling with people. It's like Harajuku, but for elderly people.

To be honest, I mostly went there to eat tempura, at my favourite place I still want to keep a secret (I don't know why- maybe they'll run out of it if more people start going?!), but I enjoyed a sunny afternoon walking (and driving) around old Tokyo. If you've never crossed Tokyo in a car, I highly recommend doing so as it's such a different landscape!

In other news I feel slightly more sane, but I still need to get away a bit. Canada is still too far away, where else can I go before that? Seoul? Hong Kong? I've been watching Chungking Express way too much lately and remembering my little HK getaway a year ago, oh so good. I've also been reading my friend's blog in Korea, which makes me miss it so much! Why am I missing everything now?
I spy the Sky Tree, happy one year anniversary!

I want to shoot a movie in that street, looks like a set doesn't it?

I entered a pachinko parlour and nearly
lost my hearing and ability to breathe. So vile.


Christine said...

I have the same sentiments regarding a couple of fave restaurant a secret. I just don't want to be soo crowded, haha.

Hope you feel less homesick. Do you want anything from Canada? Let me know.

T Jr. said...

People came from countryside of Japan longs for they to live in West Tokyo, in other words YAMANOTE. So west Tokyo has been rebuilt as urban city for younger generation but East Tokyo, where I was born and grew up.

Vivian said...

Christine: Thanks, you're too kind! I still have to mail you what I have for you first~!!!! Still the same address?? So sorry I'm so disorganized :(

T Jr: Interesting information! I imagine the Yamanote has everything to do with how Tokyo became populated around the loop. I do love East Tokyo, it kept the traditional feel!

Allons-y! said...

We are staying a month in Oshiage, Sumida because we love this area as well. We just came from a month in Harajuku and I agree with your comparison. Also, we took your advice on The Great Burger and are so happy we did!

Christine said...

I just saw you reply. I still live in the same address but don't worry about it ;)