Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reasons Why I Love Tokyo

Tokyo at dusk

As much as this city literally makes me lose my mind on a regular basis, sometimes I just need to stop, take a deep breath and look at it from above. Seriously. Looking at Tokyo from the 52nd floor of my favourite building in Shinjuku puts things in perspective (and well, a few sips of luxurious sparkling wine also add to my philosophical ventures). Tokyo is huge- especially being from Montreal, whose entire population's worth crosses daily through Shibuya station.

Tokyo from above doesn't look as scary. It's actually quite beautiful- there is a sizable park in the midst of Shinjuku, the Central Park of Tokyo. You can also see the beautiful Tokyo Tower red and white lights glowing, and a highway that cuts right across the skyscrapers. Tokyo at dusk is especially wonderful, and it was the first time I caught it right before sunset (in other words, I was early for cocktail hour...).

I can't help but feel extremely lucky to be where I am now. I tend to take it for granted, as I get stressed out so easily and always want to achieve more, but when I do that I am completely missing out on what's happening now.

I may not be so lost in translation anymore, but every now and then I still get that euphoric feeling which can only be obtained through travel- you know what I mean, I'm sure.


Johanna said...

It's so beautiful! Love Tokyo, and of course think you're lucky.. but I also understand what you mean.

philly said...

I love happy hour high with bubbly above Tokyo, too. Maybe because I first "met" Tokyo at dusk when it's that magical purple & neon, I always love seeing it that way again. Like an old love you bump into unexpectedly, and you get warm all over again in spite of everything.

Living in Another Language said...

I can't wait to come see your beautiful city someday! Soon!

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

Alisha I said...

Absolutely know what you mean. Tokyo takes on a certain unbelievable, almost other-worldly quality in twilight. It just goes for miles and stretches past the curve of the earth. I too think it's important to get somewhere up high now and then to really appreciate this place. Lovely.

Basia said...


My best memories are a delicious cafe au lait and a full body shiatsu that I had received from a practitioner in a walk-in clinic establishment near-by the coffee shop. This was in 1999.

In Montreal, I have yet to find a shiatsu practitioner who made my vision 20/20 and my mind glow --as did the practitioner in Japan.