Monday, May 20, 2013

A bit of home

The only ways to stay sane in a city like Tokyo (or um, Japan) is to a) keep yourself surrounded with good friends, b) do small daily things that give you some kind of routine, c) get a taste of home, d) indulge in the good things in life and e) take frequent small trips.

In an effort to keep myself grounded, I did all of the aforementioned, and it does help, combined with a daily dose of exercise- running, in my case. I went out to the trendy, American-style cafe Brooklyn Parlor in Shinjuku, where I met with the boys behind the excellent Tokyo Scum Brigade over foie gras burgers and strong Brooklyn black chocolate stout. It was nice to chat with like-minded people, and it's always amazing to meet them after living for a few years in Japan, as you continually meet cool new people- something I had missed when I lived back home after Korea.

I also started reading more Japanese magazines, and a friend of mine introduced me to Casa Brutus, which has a thick, stylish issue all about Tokyo this month. It was such a treat to read (or rather, decipher) with a latte and cupcake. In other news, I moved my futon downstairs, as sleeping in the loft got too hot.

The icing on the cake was a visit from a friend from Montreal, the little brother of one of my closest friends, which brought back so many memories. The evening started with a delicious traditional all-tofu course meal at Ume no Hana in a private dining room, followed by a few street drinks and party hopping in Shibuya. I hadn't been around that scene for several months, but it was fun to dip my toes back into it, and to realize that well, I don't miss it at all. The night ended with karaoke, which was the best part- I absolutely love karaoke, and even though I never feel like going, I get sucked into it and refuse to leave.

Now I just need to take a small trip and I'll feel sane again.

Back in the scene, at the new Beat Cafe

Family portrait before the party started

Sometimes I dress like I work in a library

Soy latte + lemon cupcake

This is what a foie gras burger looks like

Click here to see what Tokyoites are wearing this spring,
my piece for MTV Japan (MTV 81)


Nicole Marie said...

i love your outfit!
i commend you so much for living and staying sane there for so long... i feel like i'm pushing my limits here in spain. i only have less than 2 months left and right now i'm wishing time would hurry up but slow down at the same time

Christine said...

that burger looks soo goood! And that outfit is very nice! Where did you get that skirt?

Vivian said...

Thanks! Living abroad is always a roller coaster- no middle ground it seems... xx

Vivian said...

Thanks:))) it's the circle skirt from American Apparel! I have it in like 5 colours