Monday, April 15, 2013

C'est le printemps.

Spring is in full bloom, and although the sakura have come and gone, the weather is balmy and I've been trying to spend time outside, to make up for a winter literally spent hibernating. April marks the beginning of the school year in Japan, and also of new business cycles. It's a time of changes, and also a fresh start, for myself included.

I've been living in Tokyo for nearly two years now, and despite how fun my life is here, it's been a bit of a struggle the whole way- trying to keep my head above water, pursuing my goals while having to survive (not only financially) in this jungle. Those past few weeks I've been making major adjustments to my life, finally diving head first into what I really want to be doing here in Japan- and in life in general. As a foreigner in Japan, it's a bit scary to not have the English teaching safety net, but well, it's possible in case you're wondering. Speaking a high level of Japanese is highly recommended, but I'm definitely not there yet- maybe speaking French plays in my favour?

I'm striving to find a good balance between work and play- I spent my Saturday lounging in the park, alongside a bottle of wine, cheese bread, strawberries, and Japanese confectionaries. I wish every day was like this, but alas, it simply cannot be.

In other news, I've been buying fresh flowers every week, painting my nails shimmery lilac, drinking rooibos tea, wearing florals and stripes (together), and replacing my shoe laces with a ribbon. I also ate hotaru ika (firefly squid) for the first time, but I'm not sure how I feel about it: the taste is really delicious, but it looks unappetizing because it has eyes. I'm torn. Have you tried it?

Springtime picnic, life is good.

I attempted a cartwheel halfway through this bottle: success

A bunny rice cake! 

Japanese traditional sweets we picked up in Kugayama

I love this lantern, and the yakitori served there.
Hotaru ika... a type of squid. Surprisingly tasty.

Now something cute to make up for the squid photo- a happy melon pan!

How many computers can you see?


Isabel said...

the bunny sweet <3
the squid :-/


Christine said...


I love spring time picnics :) And yes to nail polish and fresh flowers!

Nat AndMatt said...

So what work do you do? I always assume everyone is a teacher :)

aleena Mclean said...

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