Friday, March 15, 2013

Toyoko + Fukutoshin Line

As of tomorrow March 16, the Tokyu Toyoko line and Fukutoshin line will be joined. The Fukutoshin line was always such a quiet, empty line, but it's about to get extremely busy now that it will travel all the way to Yokohama.

Today marked the last day of the Toyoko line as we know it, which has been operating between Shibuya and Yokohama for 85 years. The train will depart from Shibuya underground, so today you could view the Toyoko line departure platform for the very last time.

I happened to be going through Shibuya and riding the Toyoko line tonight, and the area was filled to the brim with commuters taking photos of the beloved train, and about an equal amount of security guards and train staff. It made me a bit sad as I was fond of the Toyoko line, and that part of Shibuya station. I really like trains and I'm a self-proclaimed densha otaku (train nerd), so it was an interesting event for me.

There was an actual farewell ceremony at Shibuya station as the last train departed. Many people were seen waving at the train and blowing kisses. Maybe that will be me in a few years.

Here's my account through blurry shots- tried taking pictures while walking and catching my transfer.

Goodbye, Toyoko line as we know it.

Shibuya station sign for the last time

Toyoko staff sporting bright yellow caps and controlling train nerds like myself

A blurry view of the crowd, or just another rush hour commute in Tokyo.


Eddie said...

I like that recent post of yours re: Setagaya train, so please keep posting your densha adventures :)

I guess change is good when it translates to progress, but it’s a little sad when the old (yet functional) is discarded.

I personally prefer older designs and am fond of places like the second-hand furniture stores in Meguro or companies that re-create (under license) classic designs. I thought these places were pretty neat last time I visited:

Vivian said...

Eddie- I agree with you, I tend to like the more vintage things. Claska is great, did you stay at the hotel there?

Eddie said...

No, I haven't experienced the hotel as yet. I've only shopped at their gallery.