Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sleepy Spring

I've been feeling so sleepy lately, and I'm not sure if I'm overworked, sleep-deprived or just plain lazy. I heard there's an actual expression in Japanese about spring-induced sleepiness, so maybe I'm becoming Japanese. Any time off I've had lately was spent under the covers, tea in hand, with a book. I re-read "The Catcher in the Rye" for the hundredth time, as I never get tired of it.

In between naps, I scoured the city for more hidden coffee gems, so I'll have to share my newfound secrets sooner or later. Today, I filled my body with enough caffeine to last me until next year. I also found myself near Meguro River, and sneaked a peek at the blooming cherry blossom buds, shyly appearing, some of them even in full bloom. Despite a cold winter, cherry blossoms showed up a full week earlier than planned, therefore re-structuring and kickstarting hanami (flower-viewing picnics) plans, despite the (still) chilly temperatures.

The upcoming days are filled with goodness: my dear friend Sophia visiting from Australia (hope we don't fall into a sushi coma like last year), some quality time with friends during hanami, warmer weather, lazy mornings, a Tokyo getaway, and some fun work projects. I still adore my (not-so-new) apartment- I've never loved a home that much in Japan.

Lazy, sleepy mornings, coffee and blankets

Mid-week dinner: Kraft Dinner (or Mac ' Cheese for Americans). Classy!

This Pocky panda cracks me up. He's the "Vacation Panda". Bit early, no?

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Meguro River, hello sakura!

The next two weeks will be filled with the pink flowers


Christine loves to Travel said...

Ohhh Sakura season! Wish it was spring here in Toronto.

Ruth Dear said...

I read the Catcher in the Rye but I was really disappointed. I got to the end and it felt like 'oh is that it?' I just didn't get it at all...

T Jr. said...

It's little bit strange whether this year. Cherry Blossom season came before Hey Fever season is over. This mean I cannot really enjoy Hanami....

Nat AndMatt said...

We need to get a new apartment. I'd really like a house though. I just want somewhere new... Enjoy spring! I too have been feeling tired so don't worry about it. It's definitely seasonal.