Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jeans in Japan

I recently came to the realization that I haven't worn jeans for about two years. I'm always found sporting skirts or dresses, and I find tights more comfortable. I think it's also a Japan thing- unlike back in Montreal, not as many girls wear jeans here, and I felt too underdressed and perhaps "curvy" (read: curvy for Japan standards, but thin for Canada) to wear them.

Well, I just wanted to rave about Uniqlo jeans, as they're so cheap, but they're the best fit. I used to splurge on designer brand jeans such as J Brand and Seven back home, but at triple the price in Japan it's a luxury I simply cannot afford. So I found Uniqlo, the Japanese ubiquitous brand, which makes functional and rather bland basics for the most part... except for jeans. I love them!! They fit so perfectly, and are comfortable, and don't stretch out of shape after several washes. I highly recommend shopping for jeans at Uniqlo- I wish they paid me to write this post, but unfortunately they're not.

Many foreign girls complain about Japanese sizes being really tiny. I luckily fit in Japanese sizes, but Uniqlo seems to have a broader range of sizes. Don't be fooled by the number, as they differ a bit from what I'm used to. It's best to try them on, as I surprisingly found out, my size at Uniqlo was about three sizes smaller than what I used to buy in Canada, unless I lost weight (but not that much!). I think they are flattering for most body types- curvy or not.

My favourite cut is the Ultra Stretch Middle Rise. They have snug fit, tapered leg and are so soft and comfortable that I'm wearing them around the house instead of my usual pajamas. Each pair is about ¥3,990, which is ridiculously cheap for Japan, and for that quality. Get 'em!

Jeans, jeans

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Rachel Anastasia said...

YES TO THIS!! I haven't worn jeans for years either (maybe like five years?? Longer???) and on a whim I tried on the same cut of jeans when I was in Uniqlo and they fit me like a GLOVE. And they are soooo comfy. It's insane!! I bought three different colours and had to mail them home, ha ha.

Christine loves to Travel said...

I've been wanting to buy uniqlo jeans but no stores here in Canada! My bf swears by them!

Once I find my size there, I will have to hoard them.

Vivian said...

YES!!!!! I'm glad you love them too!

Vivian said...

I wonder if you can order online? If not, NYC has a shop... Hope it comes to Canada!

Anonymous said...

Uniqlo will also hem your pants for free in 30 to 60 minutes. Amazing!

Corie said...

Love Uniqlo jeans! Plus, in Korea and the UK they will hem them for free... do they do this in Japan?

Anonymous said...

Can never have enough purist-Japanese Denim brands. Seriously, they look great.