Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I made a bento

Even though I love collecting bento boxes and promise myself I'll pack a lunch on a daily basis, I usually get too busy and end up ordering the bento delivery service or picking up something at the supermarket. Yet, nothing beats a homemade lunch, especially when it comes in an adorable box.

I posted before about the whole bento art. I am definitely not skilled enough (nor do I have lots of time on my hands to create a character bento), but putting together any assortment of fresh, healthy and colourful foods guarantees an appetizing and nutritionally balanced lunch box.

This time, my friend challenged me to a bento contest, so it motivated me to dig up the bento box from storage. I haven't used my (tiny) kitchen much since moving, but it's all kitted out now and begging me to use it. I made a simple bento, gathering some of my favourite foods: cooked then cubed pumpkin, spinach with sesame seeds, scrambled eggs, rice, and strawberries for dessert. It's a bit of an unusual combination perhaps, and it's vegetarian (although I am not a vegetarian), but it was so delicious!

The contest winner is being disputed due to a (forgotten) photo incident.

Lunch timeeeee!!

How cute/childish is this bento? Am I turning Japanese?


Johanna said...

It looks very tasty! I love to do bento boxes myself, but I wonder if you reheat your lunch or do you eat it at room temperature/cold?

Vivian said...

Hi Johanna! I always eat my bento at room temperature! Even if I make it the night before. Many people pop it into the microwave but I can't be bothered, and room temperature is how they're meant to be eaten.