Friday, March 29, 2013

Hanafubuki Run

Hanafubuki is one of my favourite Japanese words, and it refers to the falling of flowers. Cherry blossom season is fleeting, and it lasts less than two weeks- maybe less if it's really windy. Hanafubuki is probably my favourite time of sakura season, as the ground is covered in a pale pink carpet, and petals are floating about. Not only is it a gorgeous sight, but it also signifies the end of sakura season, and a new beginning. It's sad and happy at the same time- or if you want to get deeper, a sort of imperfect, fleeting beauty, which is best explained in Japanese with the (un-translatable) term wabi sabi.

Yesterday I went for a run in my neighbourhood, and cherry blossom flowers were all over the ground, which was insanely beautiful. I kept stopping to take pictures so I'm not sure how effective my workout was, but it was the best run of the year.

Pink pink pink

I live in the prettiest part of Tokyo

Running shoes + petals

I don't like when people sweep the petals away with a broom!

Joel Robuchon Yebisu
Not sure it's worth the hype, but eh, it looks fancy


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

pretty cherry blossoms!

Nat AndMatt said...

Yeah, I'm hoping we get to see them this year. It was raining all the time last year