Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flowers, Food and a lost Pasmo

So, last weekend was strange, because cherry blossoms bloomed too early, pretty much a full week ahead of schedule. As you may know, cherry blossoms follow a strict blooming procedure, which is documented in the form of maps, weeks ahead of the season. The fact that sakura appeared early this year messed up everyone's hanami plans (flower viewing events, or drunken picnics is what they are), and the alcohol-fueled gatherings had to be held one week too early, causing sudden changes of plans.

The weather is back to freezing cold, it feels like January. Apparently, cold weather usually comes back once the cherry blossoms bloom, so it's normal. I love and despise hanami at the same time: I love viewing the beautiful flowers and having a picnic with friends and drinking outdoors, but I hate the crowds and some extremely drunken people and having to queue up for a bathroom in the park. I want to do hanami, but in a more quiet area, away from the crowds, as its one of the most beautiful times of the year. It should be enjoyed peacefully, and seeing the flowers every year always make me reminisce about my time in Japan, so it's a special, cherished moment.

I skipped hanami last weekend and indulged in all my favourite foods in Tokyo with my foodie friend Sophia, in town from Sydney. We hit ramen, sushi, hamburgers, and I even mustered up the courage to end the weekend with okonomiyaki. Interestingly, I hadn't visited my favourite burger joint in Tokyo, Whoppi Goldburger, since last summer. As soon as I entered the shop, the owner gave me a strange look, then told me to wait for a second. He then came back, handing me my Pasmo card (commuter pass) I had apparently lost last summer. How amazing is that?! My Pasmo card had lots of money on it too, so it was such a happy surprise. I love that place, and I cannot believe they kept it for me and remembered me!

Sadly, all the food, excess work and sleep deprivation caught up with me, as I've been under the weather, but thankfully a kitchen pro whipped me up a nice, warm bowl of homemade udon- I'm so thankful for him, and for homemade meals.

Short of seeing a live panda... at Inokashira Zoo

Whoopi Goldburger!! Best in Tokyo.

Cupcake breakfast!

Sushi lunch set at Midori sushi, only ¥1365

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki (with noodles)- the BEST

Homemade udon with chicken meatballs, love love love!


Eddie said...

That's a neat experience with the Goldburger owner and your Pasmo card. It reminds me of a video-article by NHK (in their Tokyo-Eye series) about how diligent Japanese Taxi companies are in recording and retaining lost property.

Hope you're feeling better soon :)

Isabel said...

This food all looks divine!

And I love the story about your missing Pasmo card!