Saturday, February 23, 2013

Local Tokyo

When most people think of Tokyo, they usually imagine a huge, bustling city, skyscrapers and crowded pedestrian crossings. Well, that's definitely a side of Tokyo, and the first one I encountered, just like most visitors.

However, my experience of Tokyo is completely different now, and that insane part of Tokyo only exists in part of my daily commute, and if I choose to frequent those areas. Nowadays, I prefer the atmosphere of my local community, which doesn't seem to fit in that Tokyo depiction. My Tokyo is all about narrow streets, traditional-style markets selling fresh fish sashimi and vegetables, lots of elderly people milling around, bicycles, covered shopping arcades, and train tracks appearing in the midst of the activity.

Sadly, many visitors never get to see that side of Tokyo, and only leave with that same insane image of busy, bigger-than-life Tokyo. It's Tokyo yes, but I'm not sure it's the real Tokyo.

Fruits market in Shimo-Takaido

Melon bread factory. Not shop, but factory.

Keio line tracks, Shimo-Takaido

Fresh fish of all kinds and pushy old ladies

Bustling daytime Shimo-Takaido

Odakyu train tacks, Shimokitazawa

In a few weeks, Shimokitazawa station will be underground, sadly.

Last chance to see that familiar scenery, which I'll miss.


Nat AndMatt said...

Many places are similar, not in size, but I have a completely different image of my hometown now than I did when I just visited here. It does seem smaller too

T Jr. said...

You are heartily enjoying life in Tokyo. I love to look around SHOTENGAI street too.

Jing Chiam said...

Hi there, I heading to Japan soon and came across your blog in my research. It's lovely to see your perspective of Tokyo and that melon bread factory, amazing!

P.S Thanks for all your helpful travel tips! :)

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