Monday, February 4, 2013

February Randomness

February, hectic times, many changes, I'm overwhelmed. I'm craving a bit of stability, a nice long run, and sleeping in until noon. Any music recommendations? My playlists need to be refreshed. In the meantime, here are some (mostly food) pictures:

Yokohama skyline- ominous clouds

A fruits vending machine. Seriously.

I found more cupcakes, and they were so delicious.

Ramen from Ippudo, always a comfort food

This homemade soup for breakfast, could not wish for anything better.


Marius said...

Ominous clouds indeed. Good catch.

And yes, the vending machines of Japan are something for us.

Now, only if you don't mind (otherwise, please remove my post), perhaps you or your blog readers might want to have a look at “Simon and Hiroko,” a dramatic love story located to a large extent in Japan, which has gathered several appreciative reviews and blog interviews.

It certainly touches on the Yakuza and the police:-)

Murakami lovers might like it.

Available at:



I wish you’d take a stab at it too, as impressions from current residents would be very special for me.

I lived two years in Tokyo and I enjoyed the place very much.

Marius Hancu

Unknown said...

I have discovered some really good music recently! I recommend Halcyon Digest (album) by Deerhunter and Crazy for You by Best Coast. Hope you enjoy!!


Basia said...

I've been listening to this lately (Comfort music)

Sound track to Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love"

Vivian said...

Wow!! Thanks you both for those great tracks!!!!xo

リン said...

The clouds look really scary. Are those from the snow storm?

I once saw an egg vending machine, and I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo.

Delicious-looking cupcakes!

If you like Japanese rock/V-kei, I highly recommend BUCK-TICK. But I recommend them to everyone, so, well, take it as you will.