Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tokyo Snowy Days

Last week it snowed in Tokyo, something that rarely occurs. The scene outside my window resembled Canada, and it made me feel like home. I miss snow so much, and being surrounded by a white blanket of it was extremely comforting.

However, Tokyo is not a city prepared for snowfalls, so the following days were chaotic- delayed trains, blocked roads, slippery and icy sidewalks made it impossible to walk anywhere without falling down. Just a piece of advice for Japan, from a seasoned Canadian: spraying the ice and snow with hot water to make it melt is the worst idea ever.

In other news, I've been happy hibernating a bit and enjoy the chilly days from the comfort of my home. I drank lots of ginger tea to fight off a cold, fancy lattes, and I made a lasagna last night, packed with vegetables and a few kinds of cheeses. I have mostly been eating Japanese food lately, somehow I'm mostly craving it on a daily basic, but the lasagna was so delicious and something that made me feel so happy. I also made a small chocolate cake- why not.

Many people would agree that January can be long and dreary, but in my case, I do like this month, it's a fresh start and the cold weather is the best excuse to stay home and bake.

Lattes in fancy cups taste better

Chocolate cake (it was supposed to be brownies, but I had an egg mishap)


Homemade ramen, topped with an egg and gyoza

My new stationery set

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