Saturday, January 19, 2013

My birthday in Tokyo

Following the New Year celebration was my birthday, and although I always like to keep it simple and low-key, I enjoy thoughtful and fun activities. This time we went to the aquarium for some penguin and colourful fish sightings, then on to a traditional Japanese restaurant in Ginza where I feasted on the most delectable vegetarian fare, ending the evening with my favourite Japanese sweet, ichigo daifuku. No birthday is complete without cake, and my lovely friends surprised me with the cutest cakes, complete with candles and everything. I felt very spoiled and lucky this year.

Best birthday present ever- a stamp with my name in kanji characters


Gigglebangs Riceball said...

Please share this veggie place with me!

Michi Munster said...

What a lovely birthday you had! It sounds absolutely warm and loving... the best kind of birthdays. :)

Jacquie said...

I'd love to know which restaurant it was too! I'm heading for Japan again soon and would like to find some good Japanese places which cater for vegos.
p.s I'm loving this blog. It's giving me so many tips for the trip and it makes me want to move there so bad!!! Thank youuu!
Enjoy your trip home :o)