Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy, happy New Year 2013!!

I need more cat-themed clothing.

The holidays are an exciting time for me, as my birthday follows New Year and pleasantly concludes the festive season. I had the warmest, most thoughtful, and loveliest celebrations over the holidays, and I feel extremely lucky. I'll soon post photos of last week's events and I can't wait to share my experience, as it was my first traditional Japanese New Year, and a special birthday.

As for 2013, I like the number, and I want to keep working hard and pursuing my dreams. I want to write, write, write, explore, make Tokyo my home (even more!), and achieve some of the goals I had set for myself when I first came to Japan, which range from serious ones to small, random, fun ones.

Here, here, January.

I don't want this to end....


Nat AndMatt said...

Sounds like you're striking a nice balance here. Well done.

Unknown said...

Where did you get that amazing sweater??

sheelie_in_X_sharp_minor said...

can't wait - i will be coming to japan soon!

what are your main goals/resolutions? mine include *trying( to learn Japanese, and finding a place in Japan to play and practice piano so i could improve. maybe you can help me with that? =)