Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter cut + comfort food

As seasons change, I also like to cut my hair, and this time we chopped off a great chunk. I love it! It feels so light and smooth! I visited Momo, my favourite stylist at Watanabe Hair in Harajuku, whom I highly recommend if you need a haircut in Tokyo. I've raved about him countless times, but he's the best stylist I've ever had and he does wonders to my hair, and knows exactly what it needs. A trip to that place is so relaxing and the equivalent of a short vacation. So, my hair is short and sleek and I'm so happy about it!

In other news, December is always a busy month as it's the end of the year. I don't like being too busy, but I try to always find time to do relaxing things, like spontaneously meeting my friend Mayo in Harajuku on a cold Tuesday night to lounge in a cafe. We found this great Italian cafe called Luigi tucked in Harajuku, which serves excellent coffee (and roasts their own beans). It was a bit late, but I snacked on a buttered toast with jam with hot cocoa. I wish I could go there every day to write!

I also spent some time sauntering around my area of Nakano, spending countless time at Donki looking at all the Christmas paraphernalia they sell, drinking holiday Starbucks concoctions (Nutty Praline and Gingerbread, thank goodness) and having impromptu photo shoots in empty parking lots. I want to enjoy the festive season this year, unlike last year when I spent hours in my room listening to The Cure's "Disintegration"- maybe a change of playlists isn't too bad for me. 


Sarah. said...

Hi Vivian,
Long time reader. Is autumn in Japan normally this cold? I'm here on holiday and last time I came to Japan it was early November and not that cold. I went to bear pond espresso on your recommendation an it was great! Shimokitazawa was really cool and reminded me a bit of melbourne, except better.
Thanks for a great blog!

Vivian said...

Hi Sarah! Happy to hear you're in Tokyo, and that you tried BP Espresso!!

I think this year is a bit colder than usual! It goes back and forth between freezing cold days and mild days. Most buildings and houses are not insulated so it makes it feel a lot worse. Keep warm, stock up on Heattech at Uniqlo!!


Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

yum! and love the cut! xoxo from nyc &