Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shinjuku Golden Gai + Okonomiyaki

On Friday night, my friends and I headed out to Shinjuku for some alley exploring and late-night fare. Golden Gai is an infamous network of intertwining narrow alleys, which host several hole-in-the-wall (literally!) bars and clubs. Most of those bars can probably only sit six people or so, and the alleys are wide enough for one person to squeeze through. The buildings are all so tiny and ramshackle, the streets dimly lit and the whole area has a grungy feel, much like the activity going on around there.

Golden Gai was known for its prostitution before 1958 (the year it became "illegal"), and luckily most of those small bars survived time and fires and are now a popular drinking destination. Some say the Golden Gai bars are off-limits to tourists and non-Japanese speakers- which is not necessarily true, as some of those locales are offering an English menu to accommodate foreign customers. Yet, many of the bars only welcome regular customers, so it's maybe best to go with Japanese friends.

If you're in Shinjuku, I highly recommend walking through those tiny alleys late at night, as it feels like you're not in Shinjuku anymore for a few minutes, but in a completely different, scruffy old world- that is, before exiting to the neon lights again.

After walking through what seemed like a time warp, we were ravenous so we headed out to a nearby okonomiyaki restaurant, a dish that always pleases all taste buds, and that's fun to make. Most restaurants let you take care of the cooking, by giving you a bowl of the mixed batter and toppings. We picked shrimp, mochi (rice cakes) and cheese, and slathered them with okonomiyaki sauce and a bit of mayonnaise (not too much...) after it was cooked. I love okonomiyaki! Osaka is very famous for this dish, and I wish I could eat it more often in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Golden Gai 

Golden Gai- I adore those little alleys

Pre-cooked okonomiyaki: pancake-like batter mixed with cabbage and toppings

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Cooking okonomiyaki... flipping it requires some mad skills.

Final result... sprinkle some seaweed and sauce it all up, Osaka-style.

Okonomiyaki makes me serious.

Golden Gai photos:  Almir de Freitas on Flickr


Christine loves to Travel said...

What an interesting street!

Isabel said...

LOVED reading this!

Emelie said...

I have only been to Golden Gai once, even though I have lived here in Tokyo since Mars. When we went there we found it hard to find a bar to go, so we gave up. Maybe it was too early or that we didn't have a japanese friends with us. Do you know any good bars?

And I love Okonomiyaki! What restaurant did you go to? : )

// Emelie

Komainulock said...

( ^∀^)<I laughed at "Okonomiyaki makes me serious."

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful in the last picture!

べぎらま said...