Monday, December 31, 2012

Preparing for the New Year

The days following Christmas were a bit lackluster and lonely, but punctuated with exciting lunches (tempura!), shopping sprees (Kichijoji and Ginza) and sipping on delicious martinis and sparkling wine at Norwegian cafe Fuglen.

In order to prepare for the New Year, I cleaned my house (ever so slightly...) and most importantly, purchased the best companion, my 2013 planner. It has a page for each day and a soft lilac cover. I'm a bit old-fashioned like that, I like handwritten notes and can't keep track of anything jotted down electronically. I like being able to sit down at a cafe and write down some notes, and carry a stylish accessory around.

I also painted my nails in very festive, glittery tones, even though I'm not planning to go out and party much. I want to welcome 2013 in a quiet way, unlike most previous years when I felt pressured to go all out and wild.

I learned how to cook mochi (rice cakes), and I ate it for breakfast topped with a dab of butter and soy sauce, wrapped in seaweed. Delicious!!

2012 was a great year. It's the year I started to make Tokyo a home and found my stride. Looking back, it was quite challenging, but so many great things happened and I feel so happy and satisfied.

Thanks for reading this blog and keeping up with my life here, I appreciate all of the kind comments I've received and I'm humbled I have such great readers all over the world.

Happy New Year! xx

Nails courtesy of Top Shop + 2013 planner

Party digits

Mochi soaking in butter and soy sauce, Hokkaido style

Wrap it up



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LOVE Topshop make-up and nail polishes!


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I just started looking at blogs on Japan as I've started one myself, but yours is the first I've seen that has a good deal of writing as well as a selection of photos. Certainly makes it more interesting. I'll stop back every now and then

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