Sunday, December 23, 2012

It was Christmas Eve babe...

As Shane MacGowan sang, it's Christmas Eve, and this may be my Fairytale of Tokyo. (And if you are not familiar with this gorgeous Christmas anthem, you've been missing out....).

Tokyo may not have snow, my mom's chocolate square treats or the smell of real pine Christmas trees, but I'm in high spirits and I'm thankful to be here now, in a place that became my home. I'm happily integrating my own traditions to this twist Japan puts on Christmas, and hopefully spend a festive time. I think that's what Christmas is all about- wherever you may be in the world, just being in good company and with plenty of love, food and drinks. This time of the year is when I miss my family the most, but I know I'll visit home soon.

In other news I've been reverting to my holiday schedule, which means staying up all night writing and "researching" things online, and days spent cycling and "researching" at the shops around Shinjuku and Ginza. I really love both those areas lately, I'm growing tired of Shibuya, so I like discovering different neighborhoods. My favourite shops in Ginza are Dover Street Market (which is stocked with Comme des Garçons and has a Rose Bakery on the top floor!), and Printemps (a Parisian department store which has familiar brands). Ginza is very posh and upmarket, but it's getting trendier lately and I like trying to blend in with the fur-clad ladies. Ha!

Things that are Christmassy:

Starbucks treats... gingerbread... doughnuts.... mmmmm

The best taiyaki in Tokyo! My favourite flavour is custard-chestnut.
I easily get excited and impatient around that stall.

Santa-clad puppies in Daikanyama.
They were cold so I pet them.

Frosty the snowman in all its outdoorsy glory

Mickey Mouse Christmas tree

This gorgeous CdG plaid pattern

This view... and the memories.

A wintery Nishi-Shinjuku, one of my favourite areas

AND a Christmas Eve feast + gold nails (we don't do KFC...)

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