Saturday, December 29, 2012

I heart tempura

Tempura is one of my favourite Japanese foods (I think I say that about every Japanese food, but I seriously love almost everything), but I rarely get to eat it. Cooking it at home seems too messy and difficult (although I'm eager to learn and try!), and I rarely make my way to a tempura restaurant.

Tempura is basically just seafood or vegetables that have been dipped in batter (made of flour, eggs and water) and deep-fried. Yesterday I had some of the best tempura in Tokyo, in a little joint in the middle of Shinjuku- who knew?

The restaurant is called Tsunahachi, and it has long queues. In Japan, people lining up means it's quite famous and most likely delicious. We had the chance to be served by the restaurant master himself, and the best part is that we can watch the chefs cook in front of us. We ordered the lunch set, which came with pieces of tempura-ed shrimp, fish, and a selection of vegetables, along with a bowl of rice, pickled vegetables, and a scrumptious seafood miso soup.

I enjoyed that lunch so much, it was one of the tastiest experiences I had ever had! I got a bit teary-eyed when the chef sliced a live eel right in front of us, but apart from this 'incident' it was the most delightful meal in the world. My stomach was so full that I didn't eat until much later that night.

In other news, there are only two more days left to the year 2012.

And speaking of fish, did you know the famous Tsukiji Fish Market is closing down soon? Sad news!

Tempura master

Photo: Maaserhit Honda

Shrimp tempura

Lunch set


Anonymous said...

The main location you went to is amazing, with an old Tokyo feel. Tsunahachi also has smaller restaurants, including one in Nakano's Marui department store. There's a very good looking and flirtatious chef there. Highly recommended!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Tempura is one of my favorite Japanese foods too! Sad about the fish market, I'm glad I got a chance to visit the original. Happy New Year!

Nat AndMatt said...

Cooking its not so bad! You just need span big enough. I've been deep frying chips since I was.... Well, really young.

Vivian said...

Natand Matt: I never deep fried anything but I'll try!! I'll get my boyfriend to teach me and I'll post the tutorial maybe, haha!

Nat AndMatt said...

Be careful then!

べぎらま said...