Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Japan

Christmas tree display, Setagaya-ku

The title says it all.

Christmas in Japan is well, a version of that holiday with a Japanese twist. I've gotten quite accustomed to spending the holidays here, and unlike previous years when I got disappointed that things were so different, this year I fully embraced this (working) day (for other people, not me) and just completely chilled out at home on Christmas Eve in the best company I could ever ask for: red wine, animal cookies, Home Alone, and the tallest boy I could find in Tokyo.

Yet, Christmas isn't really Christmas without someone getting violently ill, so this was me (too many animal cookies? wine and painkillers?) and I spent Christmas day sleeping it off (or laying on the bathroom floor, whichever sounds more appealing). Yet, it was the best Christmas I've had in Japan, because it was such a disaster and we were able to laugh so much about it- I'll remember it forever.

I was too weak to blog so here's what the tallest boy in Tokyo wrote, on my behalf:

I didn't go to christmas party or even lined up on KFC for the late night with japanese couples this year.
I was like that main character of sex and city, Miranda, yes that was me this year! At 11pm I took painkillers before cycling, I needed to take 4 tablets at once, coz i had hideous pain in my stomach and didn't want to look pale when I meet my friend, well i am already a pale woman, coming from freaking cold country Canada, you know that right? oh well, so i felt super genki after knocking out and i put my special fur, this is gonna be my 2012 winter fashion style! oh well its ending soon but i love being on my bike, wind in my hair and I can smell the nice shampoo brand i bought! yes! I was riding my bike half way through and suddenly old lonely looking police officer asked me to stop and i was like merry christmas but he didn't seem to care for my smile. he wanted to check if my bike was stolen or something... Anyway i waited for my good friend under the bridge and bloody hell i had to wait for him for almost 20mins and all i could think of was nice warm Milo to warm up my coldness. suddenly i felt funny pain in my stomach, i tried not to think too much. Anyway we met up and went cycling together to buy some late christmas dinner at seven eleven. wow japanese seven eleven is not like canada! they have pretty interesting products and instant meals i love japan! anyway i bought nice instant curry oh i love this so yummy! and a tiny box of salad! i don't understand sometimes japanese people call this as a salad. just bunch of green leaves and mini tomato! oh well so we got home and cooked a meal together, and i felt so cold being outside and needed some nice spicy curry to warm me up! oh my god suddenly i had this panic crazy imagination me being in curry soup and wanted to get out but sticky rice pulled me back into spicy curry and felt so pain my eyes. you know as a writer sometimes you have weird imagination from nowhere, most people don't get it but thats okay with me. i love myself.

* Note: I did get arrested by police officers.

Thank you for this. xo

I hope you all had a merry Christmas!! 


Christine loves to Travel said...

I hope you're feeling better now Vivian!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic guest narrative! I like how he uses first person to describe your actions and feelings!

Gigglebangs Riceball said...

Ha ha! Hilarious!

Isabel said...

hahaha love the guest narrative! I want to meet the tallest boy in TKO!