Sunday, December 2, 2012

Around Nakano

It's December now, already.

I've been living in Nakano for only two weeks. I haven't had much time to explore, since the past little while has been all about work and more work. A part of me felt a little isolated, as I'm in a completely unfamiliar, different neighbourhood than I used to be, and a little further from my friends and usual haunts.

Thankfully, yesterday I made the best purchase ever, in the form of a bicycle. I've always owned bikes in Japan, such as my buttercream one in Shikoku and the pink one in Osaka. After moving to Tokyo over a year ago, I never got around to getting a bike and it's something I dearly missed. Riding a bike is synonymous with freedom, adventures, and well, exercise. Every time I ride a bike I remember that feeling I had in the rice fields of Shikoku or downtown Osaka, and it's pretty amazing.

The new bike is named ドンキーちゃん (Donki-chan), because I purchased it at the local ドン・キホーテ (a store that sells everything from laundry detergent to fake eyelashes, liquor and sex toys). I rode it all the way home and almost couldn't sleep because I was so excited to ride it again. Today I cycled all around Nakano and Shinjuku, which is literally steps away. Riding in Shinjuku was a bit confusing, but not as scary as it sounds. I love my new bike!!

In other Nakano-related news, I've been loving the メロンパン (melon bread) shop near my house. I never thought I'd like melon bread (bread and melon just don't go together), but that one barely tastes like melon and is just so delicious. I also stocked up on other items for my apartment, such as an adorable cat-shaped humidifier. If you don't have a humidifier in Japan during winter, run and go get one now!! It does wonders for your skin.

**Edit: I read that melon bread is not traditionally flavoured with melon, but recently many of them actually taste like melon, like the ones I had at the convenience store that look greenish. The pastry is only supposed to look like a melon. Interesting!!

Donki chan!

Kanda River near my house. It's quite narrow.

Melon bread. It's so big and fluffy and delicious.

Humidifier cat. Doesn't photograph well but it's cuuuute.


Christine loves to Travel said...

Love your bike! I want to try melon bread, it sounds very interesting. Is it sweet?

Vivian said...

I'll try to send you a packaged one! It's a bit sweet, doesn't actually taste like melon, it's hard to explain! The inside is fluffy and bread-like, and the top is usually sweetened. It's so good!! However I don't like it when it's colored with green dye..!