Saturday, November 10, 2012

So long, Shimokitazawa

photos via Flickr

This weekend is my last in Shimokitazawa, as I'm moving house in a few days. I'm a little sad to leave this great, colourful area, crammed with cool vintage shops, tiny cafes, tasty izakaya and ramen shops. Shimokitazawa had a college-student, bohemian vibe, and felt quite relaxed despite the swarms of university students and visitors on the weekend. 

I highly recommend Shimokitazawa as a place to live in Tokyo, as it's such a cool neighbourhood and you can find almost everything you need around here. The eateries are all affordable and there is a good bar and drinking scene if you don't feel like hitting the major areas. It's within walking distance of Shibuya, so you can walk if you miss last train after a night out. 

One thing I despised about living here was the Keio Inokashira line- it's usually very crowded, as the train only has five cars and you have to wait for ten minutes between each train outside rush hour. The last few trains every night are so overcrowded and scarily uncomfortable, and I'd usually avoid them at all costs. Same goes for the morning ones, always a painful experience, especially transferring at Shibuya station. I'm a bit of a train nerd, so train lines and stations are important when I pick a place to live.

I had really good memories in Shimokitazawa, exploring the cafes and restaurants and walking around every Sunday, coffee in hand. I will miss my residential area and the late-night running, but I definitely won't miss this house. Unlike a lot of people, I love moving and it's causing me a great deal of excitement.

Today I should be packing my room, but I believe it will magically happen within the next few days so instead I'll go take a stroll around Shimokitazawa and soak it in a little bit more. By the way, what should I do with my alpaca?  It has moved around Japan so much.


Judith L said...

I'm a little sad I never got to see your house, but I think this move will be great for you! And you better hang on to that Alpaca!

Gigglebangs Riceball said...

You should give me that alapaca!

Christine loves to Travel said...

Take it with you!!! Never leave an alpaca behind ;)

Nick said...

Michiko!! She better go with you everywhere!

judyitazuke said...

Where is Shimokitazawa from Shibuya station?