Saturday, November 3, 2012

October to November

Coffee + burger: brunch at Golden Brown in Nakameguro

Halloween has come and gone, and on November 1st Christmas took over Tokyo. I woke up to red cups at Starbucks, holiday jingles, and Christmas trees everywhere. How did this happen overnight?

I'm pleased November is here, because not only is it a gorgeous month weather-wise (mostly sunny and crisp), it's also the month where exciting changes will take place (more on that later). I've been getting really cold lately, as the temperature suddenly dropped. I'm wearing socks to bed and piling on the blankets, as the thin wooden walls of my Japanese home are not fit to keep me warm.

As usual I've been sauntering around Tokyo all week: Shibuya to see all the crazy Halloween costumes (although the Thursday morning costumed walk of shame was not the classiest sight on my way to work), Shinjuku for the night view (nothing beats a mid-week cocktail on some 41st floor), and Koenji for some vintage garb scouring.

I also had the chance to spend a delightful evening at the ballet, in a production called Sylvia, produced by David Bintley. I'll always be fond of Mr Bintley, as he was the first interview I've ever conducted and he made my job so easy. I also had a fun dinner party at my friends house, where we cooked, drank wine and caught up- something quite rare in Japan, as house parties are not a frequent happening.

Do I need a leopard coat?!

Takoyaki socks
courtesy of my summer trip

This view.

The Christmas steps
at Tokyo City Opera

Look what I found in Koenji!

Home made dinners and friends

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Melanie said...

gosh! I am not looking forward to the cold of Tokyo!! I'll bring over plenty of bed socks!
Over here in London Christmas has hit like a meteor .... I am a huge fan of Christmas but I feel the red cups on November 1st is slightly premature. However, the Christmas lights are being turned on next week so I suppose it's all the big corporations working together ha ha ha!