Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Relaxing with Rilakkuma socks

I love my new home so much!

It's amazing how things in life work out for the best sometimes, especially when you least expect it. I haven't had time to explore Nakano very much as I've been working a lot more than usual, but I'm always so pleased to come home every night to my cozy little space. I've been cooking every single day, making gyoza from scratch again, a veggie stew, full breakfasts, and stocking up my fridge with all my favourite foods and soy milk. I almost don't want to go out...

I'm slowly getting used to living on my own again- it gets lonely at times, something I almost had forgotten about. I always remind myself that I survived a year by myself in the rice fields, so this can't be so bad. I've had a few visitors already, delicious home cooked foods, some restful nights and warm evenings despite the cold. I can't wait to purchase a bicycle to roam around the neighbourhood, and finish the fun task of furnishing my room. I found a great メロンパン (melon bread) shop nearby, and tried a few different bus routes. Besides, there's always Starbucks and someone to meet if I feel too isolated...

The weather is getting quite cold, in a mere few days it will be December, and I think I have quite a few things to get excited about.

I love cooking!
Rows and rows of goodness 

Green tea, rice and gyoza for breakfast-
because I can.

French braiding is my go-to hair style these days.


Chloe Moon said...

I'm glad you like your new home!! Those dumplings look so good!! =)


MindInJapan said...

Those gyoza look so yummy! :)

Christine loves to Travel said...

YUMMY!!! looks amazing :)

hoihoi51 said...


Isabel said...

Love your hair! How do you do that?


Anonymous said...

Sugoi, ne! I want those socks!