Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hi, life.

Michiko and me

So, life is full of surprises.

No matter how much you plan something, life has a way to just happen and change everything around. The past 48 hours have involved two packing sessions and two unpacking sessions, a horrible Hiroo room filled with an infestation of cockroaches (my worst nightmare), three hours of exterminating, a comeback from the indestructible breed (straight out of a horror movie), a night at the hotel (you can guess which kind), and I finally gave up.

I now live near Shinjuku.

On the bright side, the room is big, clean and modern. Not the area I wanted to be in, but hey, I have to be a big girl and accept it. Never liked Shinjuku much, but I'm actually closer to Nakano, which is possibly a cool area. I think I grew up a little bit in the past few days- realized that a nice apartment in a so-so area is much better than a filthy shoebox in a trendy area. Sigh.

So, I'm here now. I love my room actually. I have lots of space and great stuff like a bright red rice cooker, pink pots and pans, a nabe pot, a large table.... um, basic life necessities. There's a supermarket nearby, a river to run along, the Marunouchi subway line, a real French bakery, and this fellow blogger. It's old-style Japanese with a few pachinko parlours scattered along the river, discount fruit and vegetable shops, a manga cafe and some greasy ramen shops. I want to get a ママチャリ(city bicycle) and ride around this place.

I think I might like it.

I can finally relax

Breakfast in the park with a certain photographer
is the best thing ever


Judith L said...

Oh No!!! You haven't had a very nice weekend at all have you? I'm glad everything has worked out though, I can't imagine how feeling temporarily homeless would be. I can't even imagine an infestation of japanese cockroaches, I'm shuddering just thinking of it!

Gigglebangs Riceball said...

That is probably the worst thing I've read all day. I'm glad it worked out in the end. On the bright side I'm close to Shinjuku!

Christine loves to Travel said...

Oh that's not good!!! At least everything turned out well and you have a new apartment.

Unknown said...

Oh man... I'm so happy you're happy! <3

And I heard that for a cockroach extermination to be truly effective, the entire house has to be completely done over by the bug company. If it's just your house, they'll only come back.

So glad you moved, even though I also hate Shinjuku. If the cockroaches were this bad in the winter, imagine how they'd be in the SUMMER!!!

I miss you!


MoreThingsJapanese said...

Congrats on the successful move in the end. The unexpected things are often the best! Now at least you'll have opportunities to explore between where you wanted to be and where you are! Good Luck.

diego.a said...

How did you find the apartment? Through a real estate company?