Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Ready to go

The leaves have turned yellow and golden, it's undeniably autumn, and November in Japan is truly gorgeous.

I'm all packed and ready to go. Moving doesn't seem like a big task anymore, as I've done it so many times before in Japan. To be fair, I'm good at living a minimalist lifestyle (believe it or not) and I don't accumulate stuff. All my belongings fit in the equivalent of four suitcases. It's not exactly how I wish to live my whole life, as I'd love to make a home and I'm craving a bit more stability these days.

Luckily this time around, I've had lots of help for moving procedures and I'm so thankful for it- I feel spoiled. I'm used to do everything all by myself in Japan, but this time I'm taken care of, and I appreciate it so much.

I've had very nice memories around Shimokitazawa, and in my room. I'll forever remember my first year in Tokyo and living in this neighbourhood, and how much I used to party and go dancing all night, coming home at 6am, or walking all the way from Shibuya in the middle of the night. I don't miss those days at all but I'm glad I experienced the party scene.

Hiroo marks a fresh start, less partying but more writing and more feeling at home, I hope.

That's it


Christine loves to Travel said...

Have a great move Vivian! I need to learn the minimalist lifestyle. I have so much junk :(

LH said...

Looks amazing! your place and also the Sapporo ;) So glad you've found your niche there.